Thread ShieldThread Compound

THREAD SHIELD is a purpose-designed thread compound for drill rod connections. The special non-metallic components will aid in the assembly and disassembly of drill rods without damaging the threaded surfaces. THREAD SHIELD contains inert fibers, extreme pressure and anti-wear additives. This unique combination of environmentally acceptable materials will prolong the life of highly engineered drill rod connections by preventing rust and corrosion, galling and seizing.


  • Nonconductive

  • Resistant to water wash-off ·

  • Contains no metals

  • Excellent performance on high nickel, chrome as well as standard alloys

  • Protects against galling and seizure


  • Base Materials

    • Calcium Sulfonate

  • Service Rating


    • -22°F to 535°F

    • -30°C to 280°C

    • BRUSHABLE FROM -10°F to 446°F

    • -23°C to 230°C

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