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Casingg: 4-1/2"5-1/2",7" and 9-5/8" all API thread  types.Max XTM Non - Liftable

features and benefits.

. API 5CT Annex 19 edition compliant

. advanced plastic formulationdesigned for durability and impact resistance

. Ribs on the top and bottom of the box diaphragm designed to abrorb and disperse the energy from impacts.

. Diaphragm and pads desperse potential impact.

. Stiffeners on the bottom of the pins and ribs on the top designed to maintain the stability of the diaphragm while also absorbing and dispersing the energy from impact

. Spanner holes allow the operator to safely install and remove 9 sizes of boxes or pins using liited installation tools.

. Auxiliary installation/removal feature is designed tobe used with commonly found tools on a rig site

. Designed for API connections only

. Made from HDPE resins.

. 100% recyclable.

Casing: 4-1/2", 5-1/2", 7" and 9-5/8" .

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