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The Titan’s rugged construction provides superior thread protection, and its durability makes it the best value in thread protectors on the market today.

A thread protector is used to protect the threads of a pipe during transportation and storage. Thread protectors are generally manufactured from plastic or steel and can be applied to the pipe manually or automatically (by machine).

Thread protectors are used frequently in the oil and gas industry to protect pipes during transportation to the oil and gas fields. Metal thread protectors can be cleaned and re-used, while plastic thread protectors are often collected and either re-used or recycled.


  • Maximum corrosion protection

  • 100% recyclable

  • Casing sizes available in closed end liftable and non-liftable

  • ideal for long term coverage

  • Effective for API applications


  • Tubing: 2-3/8″ through 3-1/2″ NUE and EUE

  • Casing: 4-1/2″ through 13-3/8″; all API thread types

Read more at http://essentrapipeprotection.com/products/titan/#zJjQxXf794GDb8LA.99

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